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I am yet another jaded theoretical physicist that sold his soul to the data science industry in exchange for a stable lifestyle.

However my nature came out soon: I need to do something funny, otherwise, I get bored really easily. Data science gave me this amusement.
I love machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Teaching is one of the activity I enjoy the most. Writer in Artificial Intelligence and Technology on Medium. Content creator, teacher, and editor. Consultant and advisor.

The kind of work I enjoy doing is closer to algorithm design than to software engineering stuff.
Before calling myself a Data Scientist, I did a PhD at Sorbonne Université in Paris in the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Énergies where I was doing research on Generalised Geometry and String Theories compactifications. If you feel wild and it happens you are interested in this kind of stuff, here you can find my InspireHEP profile. Even before that, I completed a master program at Imperial College London called Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces. And even before that, I got my bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Trieste.

I must mention I am a food lover, I enjoy cooking a lot of hours taking recipes. And I am a passionate photographer as well, as you can see on my picture website or my Instagram account.
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Beauty is simplicity.

Let me simplify your life. I have experience with content creation and editing, technology and data pipeline. Call me to develop solutions with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. If you are looking for data analysis and visualization, business analysis, and website development, I am the right choice! Always excited to consult on new customer adapted products and technologies.


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